Kindness In School


Golden Rule Challenge: Week 2

We’re excited to be hosting our Golden Rule Challenge in the Month of October! This week, our challenge asks students to perform one random act of kindness for classmates and teachers in school each day. This can include picking up something a classmate dropped, helping the teacher clean up after an activity, or even just simply thanking the school’s custodians. Just like last week, remember that these acts have to be ones that kids decide to do on their own accord, not because they were asked to do it by a trusted adult.


In School

It is most important, out of all places, for our students to be kind to others in school. Aside from being a place to learn and grow, school is also one of the main places that kids socialize with each other. Kids not only learn subjects like Math, Science, and English, but they also pick up important social behaviors and patterns. To make sure that we learn the proper ways to behave in public, it is important to start by treating others with kindness and respect. Keep in mind that kindness always comes back to the Golden Rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. By being nice to others, they will be nice to you in return, and positive social interactions will take place. These positive interactions will reinforce good social habits for everyone involved.


Now, when it comes to being kind in school, who exactly should we extend our kindness to? Of course, we should be nice to everyone we come across, but there are certain groups of people in school who deserve our kindness at all times. So, where do we start?



The first group of people to be nice to in school is your classmates. That doesn’t just mean the people who are in your classes, but any and all students that you attend school with. It is important to be nice to your classmates, because they are the people you will likely be in school with from now until your High School Graduation. That means you are going to see them in school every day for a very long time. So it’s important to be friendly to them, that way school can remain a fun social environment.


Being kind to classmates can take shape in many different ways. For one, it can mean lending a helping hand when you see someone in need. If your friend is having trouble understanding something in class that you get the hang of, offer your support and knowledge to help them! That doesn’t mean you should do their work for them, but you can help them figure out a way to understand the class material better. Another way to be kind to classmates is by making everyone feel included. If someone wants to join in on an activity you’re participating in, let them join! If you see someone sitting alone at the lunch table, go sit next to them with some of your friends and make a new friend! Finally, if there is a brand new student in class, make friends with them right away to help them in their transition to a new school!



Perhaps some of the most important influential people in our lives, it’s important to show respect and kindness to teachers! When it comes to being kind to teachers, it’s all about respect. Make sure you are focused on your teacher, staying on top of all school work, and not disrupting the class. Furthermore, be sure to be respectful of all the lessons your teacher has planned. When the teacher brings out a worksheet or even a pop quiz, make sure not to complain, and to complete it to the best of your ability. Keep in mind that teachers spend countless hours outside the classroom planning and developing the lessons they teach you every day, so make sure to show them gratitude!


Another great way to be kind to your teachers is by offering help. If you notice the teacher needs help passing out papers, volunteer to assist. If your class just finished a messy activity, be the first person to start cleaning up and throwing away scraps. Be the student who puts all the tables and chairs back where they belong at the end of the day. There are hundreds of other ways to extend your respect and kindness to your educators, so try to find a new one every day!


Other School Faculty

Custodians, Lunch Attendants, Hall Monitors, Bus Drivers, and even Principals are all important members of the school community, but often don’t get thanked enough since they are not in the classroom with the students like teachers are. That being said, make sure to show kindness to these faculty members as well! School custodians spend hours after school each day cleaning every nook and cranny of the building, yet they often work a thankless job. Same goes for all other non-educational staff at school, but you can make their day much brighter by simply saying “Hello” to them!


Without these crucial members of the school “ecosystem,” the quality of your education would not be the same. There are a lot of people who contribute to the success of your education besides just your teachers, such as the “Other School Faculty” members listed above, so make sure to show them your gratitude. Strike up a friendly conversation with the school faculty who do so much and often don’t get recognized for it, and you’ll be sure to make them feel like a million bucks!


In Our Classes

In our classes this week, we will be focusing on teaching our students what they can do to be kind and help others in school. One way we will do this is by reminding them that when they come to karate class, they are also in “school,” and in a “classroom.” Though it may look, feel, and be very different from the classrooms in school, they still come to learn and grow. So we have them practice these different techniques to help others in an educational setting. Whether it’s helping their partner put on their sparring gear, showing gratitude to the instructors, or even thanking the SWAT and Leadership Team members, we’re making sure that our kids practice these positive habits on the floor this week!


In Conclusion…

It’s always important to show kindness to others, but especially those that we see day in and day out at school. That includes your friends and classmates, your teachers, and everyone else who has a hand in ensuring the quality of your education. Make sure to fill out the second sheet of our Golden Rule Challenge this week by helping different people in school each day!


What other ways can we show kindness to others in school?

Who else can we show kindness to in a school setting?