Constant and Never Ending Improvement, or CANEI, isn’t just a concept; it’s a lifestyle. It’s a commitment to perpetual growth, an ever-evolving journey toward excellence. This mindset isn’t just about refining oneself—it’s about consistently seeking ways to enhance skills, strategies, and approaches to achieve personal and professional goals. Whether in martial arts, academics, or life, embracing CANEI means embracing progress as a way of life. Now that you know what CANEI means, let’s look at 3 ways you can implement this philosophy to become your best self:


Your memory is extremely important in many aspects of life, but especially in Martial Arts and School. Mental memory helps you excel by keeping the important information at the forefront of your brain. This kind of memory is helpful during tests in school, or when reviewing curriculum in karate class. The other kind of memory you can seek to improve on is muscle memory, which helps you master the technical skills required in martial arts, and many other physical skills as well. Practicing techniques consistently sharpens muscle memory, leading to quicker and more precise reactions. Whether you want to improve your mental or muscle memory, CANEI can help you as you sharpen your mind and body to be able to perform at a high level!


Efficiency involves doing more with less—achieving increasingly better results with the resources and time you have. CANEI encourages evaluating approaches, finding the best angle, and optimizing processes. For kids, it can mean learning time management techniques, organizing study schedules, or streamlining the learning process by focusing on essential tasks. Although, remember that being more efficient doesn’t always mean to simply go faster. Being more efficient entails tweaking small parts of the systems and processes we use to reduce the amount of redundant or unnecessary tasks. Just be careful not to rush through these things, or you may cost yourself extra time. Using CANEI as a tool to help you increase efficiency will save you time and energy throughout the day that you can use to improve yourself even more!


Magnitude refers to the scale or impact of our actions. CANEI pushes us to think bigger, to expand our efforts beyond the ordinary. For kids, setting ambitious goals, embracing challenges, and exploring new territories of learning or interests are great ways to work on magnitude. In school, magnitude can look like the amount of time you spend studying and preparing for tests, your participation in classes, or even the grades you receive. For Martial Arts, magnitude can refer to how long and how often you practice, how many push-ups or sit-ups you are able to do, or how much of a leader you are in class. CANEI can assist you on your journey to being able to do more.

In Our Classes…

CANEI is always a main focus in our classes. From the moment our students step onto the floor, they are encouraged to work hard to improve their skills. Their memory is trained by being challenged to perform their forms, combinations, and self defenses by their own knowledge, ultimately working toward their green stripe and next belt. We help with efficiency by teaching kids the optimal techniques, whether it’s doing a kick the right way or how to put on your sparring gear faster. Finally, magnitude comes into play by motivating our students to push themselves to do more repetitions of their physical exercises and curriculum concepts. Our team of instructors are not only always looking for ways to help our students improve, but showing them how to do that for themselves!

In Conclusion

Embracing the CANEI philosophy equips children with a powerful tool to continually evolve and grow. Commit yourself to constant improvement, and cultivate a mindset that propels you forward in martial arts, academics, and all facets of life!