Kindness isn’t just about how we treat people; it extends to how we treat the world around us as well! Kids, you have the power to make a positive impact on your surroundings, and the “Great Outdoors” isn’t the only environment we can show our kindness to. Your “environment” refers to places and objects that are around you at any given time. So, whether it’s your home environment, school environment, or the natural environment, it’s important to treat them nicely! Let’s explore three ways you can spread kindness in each of these spaces:

Home Environment

Kids, you can begin your kindness journey right at home! Our “home environment” can include all the different rooms within your house, and the objects stored inside them. That means your bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, and even the bathroom are all parts of your home environment! Show kindness by keeping these rooms tidy, especially your own bedroom. Help with chores around the house, and respect shared spaces by leaving them in better condition than when you came in. A clean and organized home environment is not only pleasant but also demonstrates respect for your family members. By taking responsibility for your personal space and pitching in to maintain a harmonious living space, you’re making a big difference in the hearts of your loved ones!

School Environment

As you might expect, it is also crucial to extend your kindness to your school environment. That can include spaces such as your classroom, the cafeteria, the hallways, and any other area you might go throughout the day at school– even the playground. Just like at home, Clean up after yourself, recycle when possible, and encourage others to do the same. Additionally, be mindful of others’ learning experience by keeping an appropriate volume, and not causing disturbances. Finally, Be a friendly face and include classmates who may be feeling left out. These small acts of kindness create a positive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and supported!

Natural Environment

Last but most certainly not least, nature deserves our kindness, too! When you venture into the Great Outdoors, be respectful of the environment. Make sure all your trash makes it into the proper receptacles, and pick up any litter that someone else may have left behind. Respect local nature trails by staying on marked paths in order to keep protected land safe. Above all, remember that, although nature is extremely beautiful, there are many plants and wild animals that can spell potential danger, so it’s best to appreciate it without disturbing it. By being a responsible caretaker of the Earth, you’re ensuring that future generations can enjoy the wonders of the natural world!

In Our Classes…

At MPAMA, we believe that kindness is key to a better future for all. That’s why this October, like we do every year, we are hosting our Golden Rule Challenge. This week marks our fourth and final week of our contest, where we are encouraging our students to do one kind act for the environment every single day this week! That can include keeping their home environment tidy, cleaning up their table after eating in the cafeteria at school, or going out of their way to pick up litter outside. Remember, respecting the “environment” doesn’t just refer to the trees and the grass outside, it means being mindful and taking care of our surroundings at all times, no matter where we go.

In Conclusion

Kids, as you explore the different environments you may come across in your day-to-day lives, remember that every little act of kindness you offer makes a big impact. Tidying your room, keeping your school clean, and protecting the environment are all ways to show love and respect for the spaces we occupy and use. The world becomes a better place when kindness is at the forefront of our actions, and it starts with you. Keep being kind, and watch as your world transforms into a brighter, more beautiful place for all.