Kickboxing - Fitness Program

Our kickboxing - fitness program, for Teens and Adults, is a Martial Arts based fitness class which is designed for those who are interested in kickboxing, fitness, and cardio training. In this program there are no belts or uniforms. This program focuses on weight control, stress relief, and physical conditioning. Along with our high-energy and high calorie burning classes, we also incorporate BMI testing and nutrition suggestions in our fitness program to maximize your work out results.


Many of our Kickboxing exercises are cardio based to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and enhance fat burning.


Quarterly BMI tests are given to help you stay on track with your health and track your progress.


Various exercises using free-weights, bands, and medicine balls help strengthen individual muscle groups throughout the body to tone and condition.

Stress Relief

Our Kickboxing classes for teens and adults helps reduce stress levels through various fun & exciting drills.