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MPAMA is a leading Martial Arts school for all ages, with innovative training techniques and guaranteed results. Our award-winning program specializes in physical fitness and character development. MPAMA offers a state of the art 7000 sq. foot facility with top of the line equipment and quality instruction from our highly trained staff members, making every class safe, exciting, and educational. Thank you for choosing MPAMA. We welcome you into our growing family, and look forward to being a part of your life changing journey in self-improvement and Martial Arts training.

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"My children and I take classes at MPAMA. I say it with pride to my friends and family that we are part of an extraordinary school. Master Peter and his staff are excellent with the kids and the parents. They lead by example and I am honored to be part of this school."

- MJ
"This school is a community in every sense of the word. MPAMA has the values a karate studio should have. In addition to teaching children karate they discuss discipline, self-control and connect behavior at home and school to advancement in their arts."

- Shailender
"I would highly recommend Master Peter’s Academy of Martial Arts. Children not only learn Martial Arts skills but also how they should behave at home and school. The emphasis on manners and respect is commendable."

- Aashish

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